Sub-Horizontal Drainage

Consolidate the ground at your work site by installing horizontal drainage pipes to collect excess water and relieve hydrostatic pressures.

Collecting & Transferring

A horizontal drain provides a method of collecting and transferring water from ground that is affected by excessive saturation. Wet ground is prone to instability and is at significant risk of hazards such as landslides, collapses and erosion. Horizontal drainage systems can therefore improve the quality of soil by helping prevent instability and enhancing its overall function. Horizontal drains are commonly utilised in civil engineering, excavation and construction work. Warner Company can install a horizontal drainage system to suit your site’s requirements so you get the most effective stabilisation solution for your needs. Our horizontal drains are durable and require little maintenance ensuring your soil remains stable and supported. Get in touch today, we work across the New England area, the Hunter Valley, the North Coast, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens and the Central Coast.


Horizontal Drain Installation

The main reason to install drains is to relieve hydrostatic pressure and water build up which can cause major landslips and rockfalls. Horizontal drains help to consolidate the ground in areas where excessive water plays a significant factor in limiting ground stability.

Warner Company has installed horizontal drains into existing cuttings and batters, soil nail walls and highwalls. Our horizontal drain installation process involves a hole that is usually drilled just above horizontal to the required depth, then a slotted pipe is installed to allow water to enter the pipe and flow to the outlet at the batter face.

Advantages of Horizontal Drains for Slope Stability

Collect Excess Water

Horizontal drains can effectively remove excess water and lower the water table at your work site.

Minimise Soil Erosion & Landslides

Horizontal drainage systems can stabilise excessively saturated soils that are prone to sloping, erosion and landslides.

Improve Soil Conditions

Horizontal drains not only improve soil conditions for structural and hazard prevention applications, but they can effectively optimise environmental vegetation growth.

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Why Choose Warner Company?

30+ Years Experience

Warner Company is an established name in effective ground engineering and stabilisation solutions across a range of industries.

Quality Equipment

We have a reputation for having the best machinery and equipment that the market has to offer

Tailored Solutions

We can design and construct a solution to suit your sites environment, restrictions and budget.

Efficient Turnarounds

Whether its horizontal drains, micropiles or rockfall prevention systems, we work diligently to reduce your downtime and stabilise your ground effectively and efficiently.

A horizontal drain is an effective ground stabilisation technique that helps to secure the stability of soil impaired by the effects of excessive water. Horizontal drains are pipes or other conduits that essentially function to remove water and channel it away from the affected site to a distal outlet. The removal of this excess water benefits the affected site by improving soil stability, reducing the potential for hazards and enhancing the function of the soil.

Excessively saturated soil or ground that is affected by a buildup of water and hydrostatic pressures is at significantly increased risk of hazards like soil erosion, collapse, landslides. Furthermore, such soil saturation can have negative downstream environmental and ecological effects. Installing horizontal drainage systems can help prevent these hazards, increase site safety, and improve the function and stability of soil.

Designing an effective horizontal drainage system is highly dependent on the specific environment in which it will be used. There are a number of key considerations that every horizontal drainage system should account for including: its maximum capacity; the type of soil/ground being drained; existing contaminants; where flow is being discharged; the size of the area being drained; and potential environmental consequences of drainage.

Warner Company can custom design a horizontal drainage system for your specific ground stabilisation requirements. Find out more about our ground engineering and slope stabilisation solutions by reaching out to our expert team. We can walk you through our processes and make sure you get the most out of our horizontal drain solutions.

Horizontal drainage starts by penetrating the ground with a drill at a slightly inclined angle to create a hole. This hole is drilled to a predetermined depth. Once this phase is completed, a slotted drain pipe is inserted into this hole. The slots allow water to freely enter and flow down the pipe to an outlet away from the site.

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