Rockfall Mesh & Barriers

We will keep your site safe from rockfall through a range of effective rockfall protection systems including rockfall netting, fences and barriers.

Important Aspects

One of the most important aspects of any worksite or project is to understand its associated environmental risks. Understanding of the potential for rockfalls and ground shifts is essential for industries including mining, infrastructure and construction. Rockfall protection and mitigation measures not only protect people but also contribute to the security and safety of sites, projects and other site structures from damage. Warner Company provides rockfall protection systems that are specific to your site and your needs.

We assess the necessary level of rockfall protection you need based on your site- specific characteristics like soil properties. We operate across the Hunter Valley, the New England area, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Central Coast, Port Stephens and the North Coast.


Rockfall Netting Installation

Rockfall protection netting is used to prevent rockfall and falling debris. It has many advantages in rockfall protection because it allows flexibility; does not stop the growth of natural vegetation; can be manufactured for different protection levels; and requires very little maintenance.


Fence & Barrier Installation

A rockfall protection barrier is a system that allows disintegrating and falling elements to be held by a barrier, which avoids damage to infrastructure, prevents injury and site disruptions. Our rockfall fences and barriers are made from a range of tough durable materials designed to withstand high energy impacts for building and civil engineering applications, industrial plants and quarry sites.

Warner Company can help you stay safe and avoid risk with a range of the best rockfall protection systems.

Why Choose Warner Company?

30+ Years Experience

Our team has a long standing reputation as a leading civil engineering contractor committed to safety in ground stabilisation and rockfall prevention.

Durable Rockfall Barrier Designs

Our rockfall barriers are low-maintenance and built tough – designed to withstand high impact forces again and again.

Safe & Certified Systems

Our rockfall protection installations are tested and proven to work. We are dedicated to safety and all our designs comply with all relevant Australian standards.

Tailored Solutions

Our rockfall barrier systems are custom made and are site specific. We manufacture using a range of high quality materials so you always get the right solution for your site.

Rockfall is a kind of natural phenomenon which is common in mountainous regions. Rockfall is when a piece of rock or debris detaches from its main rock mass and can travel downward with a high level of energy. Rockfall can cause a great deal of damage to infrastructure, property and even life, which is why rockfall protection is important.

Rockfall is essentially always caused by some sort of environmental change. The most common triggers include events like changes in climate/weather, seismic shifts and human/animal activity. For example, hot and cold weather can cause rock faces to expand and contract, freeing up loose debris. Changes in ground stability will transmit forces to surface structures such as rock faces which can fracture. Human modifications of the environment such as mining or blasting can cause a whole array of dynamic forces to act on rock faces which lead to rockfall.

As soon as you have completed a safety assessment or risk identification survey of your site and identified rockfall as a possible hazard. Rockfall can lead to significant damage of property, infrastructure, equipment and can even result in human fatalities. Inaction can potentially lead to liability issues, so it is vital to arrange rockfall protection as soon as possible.

At Warner Company, we prioritise safety and can help you with all your rockfall protection needs. Simply get in touch with us and our team of experts will guide you through the process of how to ensure that you get the best rockfall protection for your site or project.

For effective rockfall protection services you can depend on, contact the experts at Warner Company.