Micropile Services

Warner Company offers micropiling services that can help to stabilise unsteady foundations and support structures.

Micropiles (or minipiles) are small-diameter, drilled piles that can be placed in several locations to overcome a variety of site foundation difficulties and support needs.

Warner Company offers micropile foundations as an economical alternative to large diameter drilled shaft foundations. Micropiles can replace conventional piles where there is limited or difficult access work area due to existing structures such as overhead power, bridges or buildings. Warner Company are specialists in micropile services, ground stabilisation and rockfall prevention systems.

Our friendly team of experienced professionals will help you to stabilse, support and secure your project or site, safely and effectively. We work across the New England area, Port Stephens, Lake Macquarie, the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, the North Coast and the Central Coast areas of NSW.


Our Micropile Installation Procedure

Micropiles are small diameter drilled and grouted friction piles generally ranging from 150mm to 350mm in diameter. During the installation process our team will:

  • Advance the micropile casing and bore to the required foundation depth.
  • Remove the drill from the casing and we then add a pre-specified grout into the bored hole.
  • We can reinforce the pile with high grade reinforcement steel as the grout is added.
  • After the grout is secured, we then remove the casing and repeat the process as necessary.

Benefits of Micropiles for Ground Stabilisation

Effective and Efficient

Micropile foundations are an effective alternative to conventional pile systems. They are lightweight and can be installed quickly and efficiently.

Tough and Reliable

Micropiles can withstand high load capacities from various angles. They can resist both axial and lateral forces making them an ideal foundation support.

Site Adaptable

Micropiles can be made to work for your specific site. They are great for work sites with restricted access and where there is interference from existing structures.

Warner Company will help you get the most out of your foundations with our effective and efficient micropile services.

Why Choose Warner Company?

Micropile Experts

Warner Company has several rigs we can use for micropiles depending on your micropile design and construction requirements.

Economical Solutions

Warner Company provides micropiles as an economical alternative to large diameter drilled shaft foundations.


Warner Company micropiles can replace conventional piles where there is limited or difficult access to a work site.

Quality Micropile Installation

Warner Company utilises high quality materials and performs high quality installations so your foundations remain securely supported.

Micropile foundations are foundations underpinned by micropiles. At Warner Company our micropiles are small diameter drilled and grouted friction piles. They usually range from 150mm to 350mm in diameter and can be reinforced using high quality reinforcement grade steel.

Micropiles are generally used to support and stabilise difficult ground foundations. They are an excellent alternative for traditional piles when there are access issues at work sites such as low overhead space or interference from existing structures such as overhead power lines, bridges or buildings.

There are many benefits of micropile use as a foundational support. They can be quickly installed. Their installation causes little disruption to the surrounding environment and can be performed in space restricted areas. They can effectively resist various loads and forces from different planes. They can provide a cost-effective stabilisation solution in lieu of other methods.

a temporary casing and drill bit reach a predetermined depth. The drill bit is taken out, reinforcement steel and grout fill the hole. The temporary casing is removed once the grout is secured. The process is repeated as necessary.

Warner Company is an expert in ground stabilisation. Our micropiling services are suitable for difficult foundational ground and we will gladly help you if other options are necessary. Simply contact us and our friendly staff will guide you through our processes.

Learn more about what Warner Company’s Micropile installations can do for your work site or project, contact us today to discuss our ground stabilisation solutions.