In the mining industry it is used underground, on box cuts and highwalls. The civil industry mainly uses shotcrete for batter stabilisation and lined drains.

Warner Company has completed many projects requiring shotcrete and its associated works throughout NSW, QLD and VIC. Warner Company has confidence in knowing that any job can be completed by our crews to the required standard. Our employees not only do shotcreting but also understand the workings of the concrete pump and equipment and can deal with any problems that may arise.


Mock Rock

Mock Rock is formed by carving and sculpting shotcrete whilst it is still wet to match the surrounding geological formations in both shape and colour. This provides a natural looking, yet structurally sound retaining wall.

We have completed mock rock walls for National Parks and in more populated areas because it is more aesthetically pleasing to the public. There is varying quality when it comes to mock rock finishes. The high level to detail we offer can be time consuming.

To achieve this we mould the shotcrete to create the basic outline when it is still wet. When the shotcrete is dry we then spray it with a mortar that bonds to the sprayed shotcrete and then sculpture it to required finish. Colouring of the mock rock is the last procedure.