Projects Stratford Coal Soil Nail Retaining Wall

  • Client: Stratford Coal
  • Duration: 7 Weeks
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Project Overview

Warner Company were engaged to design a solution to repair/replace a section of a failed reinforced earth retaining wall near the ROM hopper. A wedge of fill had carved off, slid forwards and downwards with the debris coming into direct contact with the hopper stopping all operations. Warner Company settled on a soil nailing and reinforced shotcrete solution which was managed in the form of a ‘top/down’ construction applied during the excavation activity. This secured the wall during the excavation reducing the risk of further slips to occur during the construction period. The design consisted of 12m long hollow bars as soil nails, drainage strips and reinforced shotcrete applied to a minimum thickness of 150mm. The wall was completed in five stages overall and is a height of 11m. These works were completed ahead of schedule enabling the use of the hopper ahead of the target date to the Clients satisfaction.

Specialising in Ground Engineering & Slope Stabilisation since 1985.
Specialising in Ground Engineering & Slope Stabilisation since 1985.