Soil Nailing

If your project needs soil nails for stability, repair, access and excavation contact the soil nailing experts at Warner Company.

A Common Method

Soil nailing is a common method used to prevent landslips. By installing steel reinforced bars into drilled holes and anchoring them to the soil strata by grouting, our soil nailing service can help you stabilse your project. For your next project, why not benefit from one of the most cost-effective, versatile and dependable methods of ground stabilisation.

Soil nailing is a method used across a range of industries including: transport infrastructure; residential construction; commercial projects; mining and other civil work. At the Warner Company, we have all the resources on site to help you stabilise and complete your project. We operate across the Newcastle and Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, Port Stephens, North Coast and New England.


How Do Soil Nails Work?

Soil nails are reinforcement grade tension-resistant steel bar structures. They are drilled into the soil nail walls and are grouted in to secure their position. Soil nails are most commonly used in steep cut batters. Often steel reinforcing mesh is fixed to the bars and then shotcrete is applied. Soil nails penetrate deep into the wall to stabilise the underlying ground.

Types of Soil Nailing Solutions

Temporary Soil Nails

An ideal solution for excavation sites where space is limited. With a lifespan long life span, they can be used in a range of temporary designs and sites. With quick and efficient set up, even in tight restricted areas, they can allow for greater site access.

Permanent Soil Nails

A more durable solution for projects and sites that require extended and ongoing support. Our permanent soil nails are built using high quality products and methods that add to the reinforcing attributes of our steel bars and protect against degradation over time. Built tough and made to last, you can depend on our permanent soil nails.


Our Soil Nailing Method

Soil nail installation is site and application dependent. With soil nailing, our team generally operates under these guiding principles installation.

  • Site assessment and planning – our team inspect your site or design to determine the optimal installation.
  • Excavation and drilling – our team exposes the soil nail wall and begins drilling holes in which the soil nails and grouting will be placed.
  • Threading and securing – our team carefully inserts and secures our premium soil nails in place using grouting.
  • Drainage, bearing plates and shotcrete – our team install a drainage system on the soil nail wall, fix bearing plates to the head of each nail to secure it against the face of the wall and then reinforce it with mesh that is sealed with shotcrete.
  • Repeat until outcome acheived – our team excavate the soil nail wall bit by bit and repeat the preceding steps until we complete your desired outcome.

Soil Nail Testing

Warner Company offers soil nail testing to make sure your site or design remains stable. Factors that influence the stability of soil nails include dynamic ground conditions, and the drilling and grouting methods used. This is why it is important that we gather specific information about your soil nail installation and environment. Our soil nail testing can help you reduce your site risks and we can upgrade your soil nailing as necessary.

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Why Choose Warner Company?

Soil Nail Specialists

From production to installation, we build our materials in house so we can ensure you get nothing but the best for your project.

Proven Techniques

Our installation and testing comply with all Australian standards and our dedicated team always delivers quality results for clients.

Superior Soil Nailing Equipment

We use superior materials to deliver a high quality product that guarantees the best possible outcomes for your site.

Safe and Strong Results

We offer dependable, effective and safe ground stabilisation solutions for all situations with experience and accreditation you can trust.

Soil nails are reinforced steel bars that extend into the ground via drilled holes at horizontal or near-horizontal angles. Soil nails penetrate deep into the ground to stabilise it from dynamic movement and landslips.

Both methods are effective ground stabilisation techniques that transfer forces. Ground anchors use metal bars which are drilled directly into the centre of a stable rock mass and connected to each other with a metal mesh to prevent movement. They allow for landscape stability through the transfer of unstable exterior forces to the stable rock mass.

There are several advantages of soil nailing as compared to other ground stabilisation methods:

  • Soil nails are amenable to a level of dynamic movement of the ground whilst maintaining function.
  • Soil nailing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ground stabilisation methods for excavation support.
  • Soil nails are less disruptive to active work sites, local environments and public areas.
  • Soil nailing can be performed in difficult to access areas using a variety of installation techniques such as suspension-crane.

If you need soil nailing services to stabilise the ground for your project, get in touch with Warner Company. Our friendly team of experts can start arranging the best ground stabilisation solutions for your site and we will gladly answer any questions you have.

We have proven capabilities and expertise to help you achieve the ground stabilisation you need.