Rock Bolting

We provide rock bolting for the mining industry, infrastructure and other civil projects, our specialist rock bolt services can cover your needs.

An Effective Method

A rock bolt is an effective method for stabilising unsteady rock faces. Although the use of rock bolting for the mining industry is common, rock bolts are versatile and can be used in various excavation, civil and construction situations.

Rock bolts work by stabilising the loose, unsteady exterior of a rock mass by bolting a long anchor through it. This helps transfer forces from the unstable exterior to the stable interior of the rock mass. Rock bolts can help protect a work site and minimise the risk of rockfalls.

Warner Company are experts in rock bolts, rockfall prevention and ground stabilisation. Our team is dedicated to safety and work diligently to achieve rock stabilisation at your site. We operate in the North Coast, the New England area, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Port Stephens, the Hunter Valley, and the Central Coast areas.


How Do Rock Bolts Work?

Grouted rock bolts are long steel or fibreglass bars anchored into a rock mass using concrete grout, or sometimes a chemical resin, and can stabilise a rock face. They act to transfer the load from the unsteady exterior of a rock face to the much sturdier interior of the rock mass. Rock bolting essentially threads a rock mass together, keeping it together as a cohesive whole.

Rock Bolt Applications and Types

Grouted Rock Bolts

One of the most common types of rock bolts, generally made of steel bars which are grouted in with cement of chemical resin.

Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composite (FRP) Rock Bolts

Work best in harsh conditions because they are corrosion resistant and can withstand various environmental stressors.

Cable Bolts

A temporary or permanent solution, they can be flexible, lightweight and maintain high load capacity. They are ideal for sites with restricted access.


Rock Bolt Installation

Our rock bolt installations are performed by experienced professionals with unwavering attention for detail.

  • Site assessment and planning – our team inspect your site to determine strongest and weakest components of your rock mass.
  • Drilling – our team then drills into the rock mass pre-empting the placement of the rock bolts and grouting.
  • Rock bolting – our team carefully installs the rock bolts into the rock mass and then grouts them in, alternatively we use an epoxy chemical resin to achieve the same job.
  • Repeat the process – our team will repeat the same process until your rock face is secured and your site is protected from rockfall.

Warner Company’s rock bolting services are effective, efficient and can be customised to your requirements.

Why Choose Warner Company?

Rock Bolting Specialists

With over 30 years of experience in ground stabilisation and rockfall protection we are one of the most dependable rock bolting services around.

High-Quality Rock Bolts

We manufacture using high grade materials and processes so you get the toughest and best products on the market.

ISO-Accredited Company

We comply with all Australian and international standards so you never have to worry about the standard of your installation.

Safe and Effective Results

We will tailor our ground stabilisation or rockfall protection solutions according to your needs so you get the most effective, safe and site-specific outcome.

Rock bolts provide a secure connection between the rock face and the more robust interior of a rock mass. They are made of either steel or fibre reinforced polymers (FRP). Rock bolts are inserted into drilled holes and then grouted in using concrete or a chemical resin that helps to lock them into place.

Rock bolts provide an efficient and effective way of securing rock faces. They can be more economical than other rockfall protection methods in terms of costs. They can be installed across a variety of environments and situations – even when the available site space is low. They can be temporary or permanent, empowering the client’s decision making. They are tough and durable.

At Warner Company, we take safety seriously. We have a range of rockfall protection systems to keep you safe. If you need to secure your site and want to prevent any hazards from arising contact our experts to arrange for our rock bolting service.

For more information, contact Warner Company and discuss your needs with one of our friendly professionals today.