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  • Client: Jenolan Caves
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Project Overview

Warner Company was involved in this complex project from the very start. We were working in the area on another project for the same Client when a landslip was reported. We inspected the site with the Client hours after it happened. The next day we started to remove the large boulders and landslide material from the road so that the road could be reopened to one lane to allow access for local traffic. The rest of the slope was then inspected and a rock anchor and rockfall netting system was designed to secure the unstable slope.

Warner Company was then engaged to complete the emergency slope stabilisation works. In total approximately 15,000m2 of TECCO mesh was installed, hundreds of rock anchors and approximately 1,000m2 of ‘mock rock’ shotcrete. These works were very challenging with the working at heights (up to 40m above the road) and freezing temperatures being most challenging. Overall the Client was very pleased with the quality of works and the amazing work ethic of the team.

Specialising in Ground Engineering & Slope Stabilisation since 1985.
Specialising in Ground Engineering & Slope Stabilisation since 1985.