Grout is normally a mixture of cement, water and admixtures but specialty grouts are readily available. Grouting is a technique most commonly used to fix soil nails, bolts and anchors in place.
Grouting is also used as a means of filling voids, cracks and fissures

Grouting creates ground consolidation. Warner Company has completed grouting works filling voids beneath roads, culverts and old mines. By filling the voids with grout, you prevent the ground above the void from collapsing.


Mine void grouting requires drilling a number of holes from the surface down into the void. The holes are then used to inject the grout. Warner Company has plant and equipment for this method with drills that can drill up to 100 metres in depth and grout stations that can mix and pump large volumes of grout in short periods of time.

Several pumping and mixing techniques are available to the company depending on the quantities, pressures or mix design requirements. We have a number of different machines that range from small portable electric and pneumatic mixers to larger batching stations that are diesel/hydraulic units. The larger machines have the capabilities to inject grout from pressures 50psi to 1,450psi (100 bar).

We have a range of inflatable packers, pressure gauges to record the grout injection pressure as well as electric flow meters to record the quantity and rate of grout being injected.